Join with productive projects and Learn, earn, grow and be a productive person.

in ones time aim of the education was improve the intelligence.

But the definition of the intelligence is changed time to time. in ones time definition of the intelligence was knowledge. in another time intelligence was ability to make decision. in another time it was multiple intelligence. theater intelligence was competency. it was changed as emotional intelligence. in present people speak spiritual intelligence.  

what ever it is, outcome of the intelligence is productivity. Productivity defend on your age, maturity and ability. 

attending to the lectures or keep in all theories in mind is not the intelligence or productivity.

so many opportunities have been made to the teacher students of the institute to gain knowledge, to develop competency and to be productive independent person. 

students can select interesting path to grow with financial sustainability.

01. develop video productions relevant to ECCD production

02. organizing  CSR programs to upgrade competencies of the teachers

03. be a writer to the

if you are talented result oriented creative teacher student of the institute you have many opportunities to earn money while you are learning. if you are interesting to become a member of the above projects call 0727573044.