CSR Seminars for ECCD Teachers

seminars to upgrade the quality of the Existing early childhood development teachers are conducted by the institute. seminars are conducted by the qualified academic staff.

Lecturer chargers, traveling or any other chargers will not be charged for the seminars. seminars are conducted free of charge as corporate social responsible (CSR) project.

Invitation should be done by the ECCD officers of the Divisional Secretariat office or reputed government organization. in addition to that invitation of the recognized Pre school organization also concern.

qulified resourse persons, Multimedea projector and sound system are provided by the institute free of charge.

invitation for the ECCD teachers should be done by the organizing party. any amount should not be charged from the participants. hall and other facilities (Watter, Electracity) should be arenged by the organizing party.

main objective of the organizing party should be the upgrade quality of the ECCD Teachers. There should not be any kind of business promotion in the seminar. gain support from other party to arrange
food and beverage to the participants on free of charge are allowed.

main objectives of the seminars are

01. upgrade the knowledge of national policy for ECCD

02. upgrade the competency on pedagogy

03. upgrade the competency to develop fine motor skills of the children

04. upgrade the competency to develop gross motor skills of the children

05 Upgrade the soft skills

if you are interesting to organized free seminar to upgrade qulity of the ECCD Teachers in your divisioal secretareat send reqvesting e mail to jkamalgoda@gmail.com