Core Value

Core value

i. Quality.

We ensure quality in everything we do. Our services are accurate and up to date. Our institutes will enrich lives of individuals by encouraging creativity, harmony and enthusiasm.

ii. Integrity.

We conduct our operations with honesty, creating trusted relationships, and inspiring confidence in everyone who comes in contact with us.

iii. Client Satisfaction.

We are customer-driven, striving wherever possible to exceed expectations of our clients. In order to achieve this, we  continually assess and adopt new ways of doing  things, so as to accommodate the varying needs of our clients.

Our Value Statement:

SAIIHE                         –      Satisfaction to achieve our vision with continued success.

Shareholders            –       Profits through satisfaction.

Clients                         –       Upgrade and enhance quality of life, to enable achievement of dreams and a better future.

Academic staff          –        Provide platform to upgrade quality of  human  beings   by    sharing   knowledge

                                                   and experience while providing  satisfaction and   economic benefits.

Management staff    –       Create opportunities to achieve goals and success in own lives while being  partners

                                                      of specific teams to upgrade the quality of the society through  education.

Suppliers                    –       Partnership in progress with economic benefits.

Society                        –       Partnership and leadership to make dreams a reality in a social  responsible manner

Government              –       Create a  responsible partnership with a view of achieving  aims and goals while

                                                    making an significant economical contribution