Education should be a stimulating and enjoyable experience. We have faith in every individual’s potential to succeed. SAIIHE allows students to discover his/her gifts and explore his/her talents to the fullest, while achieving academic and professional excellence.

SAIIHE’s approach is to be a creative and technological partner in the process of improving quality of human capital. It is the desire to improve competencies of the Teacher students through curricular as well as extracurricular activities by developing a good teaching force. It is aimed to enhance the quality of  teachers as well as the education management systems. It is required to identify and recognize talented teachers and create opportunities for them to improve their skills in teaching. It is our firm belief that total quality improvement is the key  to the betterment of education in South Asian countries in the future.

Second to this, our target is to share knowledge and best practices with early childhood education centers and school system within the South Asian region. The concept is to identify best practices and noteworthy success stories in the local and international fields of education and help local and international partners to adopt them for overall quality improvement of their institutes.

SAIIHE hopes to be a well-developed virtual school to upgrade quality of students, teachers and school management. Online education opportunities, e-learning, multimedia library, live conferencing and evaluation area are few of the characteristics of the virtual schools. SAIIHE will be the hub of the early childhood and general education development process in Sri Lanka and  will be a Sri Lankan icon in the international community.

SAIIHE aspires to be a facilitator for worldwide universities by publishing and sponsoring their educational opportunities for enterprising youth in Sri Lanka. SAIIHE plans to assist individuals by providing trusted,  efficient and effective overseas education consultancies to ensure success in  the field of teaching.

Strategies of the institute
  • Originality
  • Distinguished Service
  • Market leadership
  • Total quality Development of the Clients
  • Social Responsibility