Quality Statement

Quality Spirit

“The Institute should not contemplate on others’ harsh words, not be concerned about others’ doings and lapses, not observe others. On the contrary one should explore Institute’s own deficiencies, doings, and lapses.”

Quality Policy

The Institute takes every effort to improve the quality of services provided to be on par with international standards.

The Institute is fully committed and obliged to use appropriate facilities and academic staff to offer educational services to satisfy the requirements of the institute and clients.

The Institute complies with all regulatory conditions relevant to Tertiary Education and Environmental Protection.


“To become an excellent service provider that seeks to create avenues for human capital development through continuous improvement in learning and teaching.”


“To create and provide locally and internationally accredited programmes in the areas of Early Childhood Care and Development, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education, and to cater for Continuous Professional Development both in house and on modern technical platforms to become a significant academic and professional partner in improving the quality of human capital..”

Ethics of the institute
  • Meet often, discuss together and take decisions as a team.
  • Meet, discuss, and  depart peacefully.
  • Respect obey and follow rules, regulations and systems of the institute.
  • Respect and obey  the rules, regulations and hierarchy of the managerial bodies and work co operatively
  • Care direct and treadwell new comers, existing and past students.
  • Respect to other competitors, work together and treat well.
  • Respect treat and admire resources of the institute.