Diploma in Counselling

Title of the Course:  Diploma in Psychological Counseling

To Whom:

  • People who are interesting to be a Psychological Counselor.
  • People who are interesting to get professional qualification as a Psychological Counselor.
  • People who are interesting to start Counseling Center and to get extra financial benefits with satisfaction.
  • People who need to fulfill extra qualification & more market demand for their teaching career.
  • People who are interesting to get visa and work permit to go abroad.
  • People who need proper knowledge to manage their life
  • People who need to motivate, manage and lead others.

Duration : One Year week end course

Medium : Sinhalese

Course Fee: Rs

Course Fee:

Sinhalese Medium: Rs 60,000.oo (Reg Fee. 20,0000.00 Monthly: Rs. 3350.00)  

English Medium:  Rs. 70,000.00 (Reg Fee. 25,0000.00 Monthly: Rs. 3750.00)

Tamil Medium: Rs. 70,000.00 (Reg Fee. 20,0000.00 Monthly: Rs. 3750.00)

10% discount from the total course fee is available when the  full payment is done at the beginning of the course.

Available Centers: Nugegoda, Kandy, Galle, Rathnapura, Kurunegala, Anuradapura, Bandarawela and Negambo

Commencement: March and October in Every Year.

Details of the Course : Click here to read  Course Book

Registration: Refer the course book and Submit  on line Application. 

Registration: Refer the course book and Submit filled application to saiiheinfo@gmail.com

Validity of Certificate:

People who are success on final examination are eligible for Diploma in Psychological Counseling.

NVQ Level 4 has been introduced very recently for Counseling. Institute will  accredit the course to give NVQ Level 4  certificate to the new batch.

Job Opportunities: 

There are so many job opportunities in government and privet schools for Counselors.

In Addition to the education sector huge job opportunities are available in NGOs, Projects, Human resource Management sector in business and industrial world.

with the professional qualification and experience it is a interesting part time job to  earn income & satisfaction.