Online Class

The modern teaching-learning process has been changing very quickly from the physical classroom to the online classroom. The online classroom is called a virtual classroom.
Virtual classrooms are used very productively in all the developed countries for the teaching-learning process especially in higher education and professional education.
Using the effecting teaching methods (P – Pedagogy) convey the content knowledge (CK) of any course to the students through modern technology (T) is called TPACK. TPACK is the latest classroom concept in a global society.
Conduct the courses in virtual classrooms through TPACK is the best practice in modern society.
Sri Lanka also absorbed this modern teaching-learning platform very quickly due to the covid pandemic. All universities and quality educational institutes are conducting professional courses and degree programs very successfully in virtual classrooms using the TPACK approach.
As a leading teacher training institute south Asian international institute of higher education could shift from the old physical classroom to a modern virtual classroom very successfully.
SAIIHE start all the courses in the virtual classroom with modern technology from July 2020. students also could continue their studies very successfully in the virtual classroom from the begging of the covid pandemic up to today.
Many students had a lack of knowledge of computers and technology. Many of them had only smartphones. They didn’t have the experience to perform in front of a camera. Many of them were from various parts of the country. Students never believed that they had the potential to perform like this on digital platforms when they joined the courses. But with inspiring teaching-learning strategies of the SAIIHE they are blooming well. Smart mobile phones and enthusiasm to be a talented teacher are enough to join with the virtual classroom in SAIIHE. SAIIHE will mold you as a quality teacher to suit the 21st-century global job market.
here you can see the performance of the SAIIHE students in smart classrooms.

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