Our profile

Saiihe is a leading higher education institute of the country. it is focusing to develop competencies of the youth in the fields of early childhood education, child care, special education, primary education and psychological counseling.

Institute is managed according to well established management process. Quality Manual and the Procedure Manual express the way of process of the institute. Academic and Management staff take duties and responsibilities according to the   organizational structure and their duty lists. Strategic Plan and Annual Plan drive the institute to achieve its vision.

Locally and internationally affiliated bodies make the framework to the institute. Advisory Board gives the expertise ideas and advices to management to achieve the goals and targets, Senior Management Group of the institute through the Management review meetings makes strategic plan and guidelines to perform well . Management Committee plan and review implementing and management process of the institute. Internal Audit meetings evaluate the performance to certify whether all the works are in satisfactory level.

well qualified academic staff gives their maximum to make qualified professionals to Teaching profession. Recognized certificates and diplomas are offered to give the reputation to their professional career. Diplomas are awarded in diploma award ceremony to upgrade the quality of the life style of the students.