Our Philosophy

According to the Slogan of the SAIIHE,  “Partnership for Excellency”, we always concern on originality, quality and a reputation for a distinguished service. Our strengths are trust, genuineness and enthusiasm for social service, backed by a dedicated work force.

We aim to enhance the quality  of the Early Childhood Education, Primary and the Secondary Education, Special Education and Counselling by contributing for the development of the quality in learning teaching process.

Identifying the diversity of individuals we make steps to improve potentialities and competencies of teacher trainees while uplifting the pedagogy of teaching. We also consider the importance of providing opportunities to improve talents of individuals in the field of education. Platforms and challenges should be generated to identify and bring out the talents and utilize potentials of the teaching force for the betterment of the society.

Our focus is also paid on developing competencies of each and every teacher to lead a better professional and domestic life through a good understanding of social, moral and spiritual values.

By creating opportunities and exposing individuals to diverse environments both, local and international, we intend to build creative, innovative and integrally competent individuals who are capable of leading and changing the society while making the world a better place for future generations.

Not only addressing the needs of the existing society we consider strengthening the capacity of the teaching force to overcome global competition and to make a global citizen. We intend to achieve sustainable development goals the year 2030.     

We also believe that individuals should be equipped with the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in total quality person. They should be independent thinkers, problem solvers, decision-makers and active participants in the society. They should further, exhibit tolerance, concern for the environment, and demonstrate responsibility and honesty. Individuals should conform to  international standards in their academic and professional qualification in order to achieve their goals. We consider education as a key strength to uplift individuals and enable them to overcome the ambiguous, uncertain, paradoxical social environment.

We create opportunities for individuals to become  successful, valuable and productive human beings.

Modern technology should be utilized to create innovative opportunities and to  generate, share and disseminate knowledge, skills and accepted practices. Expertise of the highest caliber should be utilized to achieve utmost productivity. Responsibilities should be assigned based on talents, skills, innovation and commitment. We strongly believe that organizations are characterized by innovators and not by followers.

Our goal is to become a leading partner in the global village  to uplift  society by providing facilities, environments, opportunities, consultants and leadership, measuring up  to International Standards to prospective clients.

SAIIHE is built on Buddhist culture and values. It  respects all religions, races and cultures. We believe that giving is the central philosophy of life. The gift of the knowledge is the best contribution that can be made to human life.  The purpose of living  is to be of service to the others. Our sole ambition is, while doing our best for the society, to be a platform for honest talented individuals to enable them to make a meaningful contribution to Humanity.